> Every child will have an AI tutor that is infinitely patient, infinitely compassionate, infinitely knowledgeable, infinitely helpful. The AI tutor will be by each child’s side every step of their development, helping them maximize their potential with the machine version of infinite love.

This has been my lifelong goal over the past decade (but not a priority right now), so I'm really glad it'll happen in our lifetimes.

> I am merely trying to think how would this affect real-world relationships and that starts with the growth of a child.

I'm personally optimistic that LLMs (i.e. AIs) with our without AR/VR are going to enable kids to focus. Less googling, youtubing and jumping from one screen to another will hopefully solve the dopamine epidemic.

> If you have watched Ready Player One, then that’s the setting I am talking about.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I highly recommend the book. It dives much deeper into the types of experiences we can have. For example, I was really sad when "role-playing a character in a film" didn't make it to the actual film.

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